Atlanta Botanical Garden Treehouse Competition

Atlanta, Georgia









“Musical Flight” – Tree No. 6

Nestled in the tree by the sculpture “Stillness and Growth,” Musical Flight” takes the shape of a perched songbird looking to make merriment with the passerby.  The tree house features a swing that when ridden, evokes a burst of melody as the rider oscillates among the trees.  The wings gently flap in the breeze and fancy themselves capable of lifting and soaring.

Made of wood, wire, and steel, the sound chamber amplifies the notes that spring from the wires.  Strummed as the metal arms rotate with the swing, the brilliant cacophony paces with the energy of the participant.  The counterbalancing tail feathers are of wood, and anchor the tree house while offering a place to display the plumage of banners that relate to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

The one defining decree and requirement of the winning entries selected to build their design was that under no circumstances must the tree be harmed or damaged in any way.  The design presented gently clamps to the tree it harmonizes with, and in no way posed a danger to it’s glorious existence.


  • Edward Palisoc
  • Robert A. Tretsch


  • LOCATION                           Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia
  • PROJECT TYPE                     Competition
  • PROJECT SIZE                      In a tree.
  • PROJECT COST                    $3,000.00